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, rick santorum and mitt romney are campaigning hard ahead of the prom primary. >> reporter: mitt romney greeted voters in illinois explaining why he should win the state's gop primary. >> i had to get us the energy on the ground we needed to keep the money, that's spent buying energy from other people, keep it here. put people to work. >> reporter: romney rolls in to the next contest with momentum from his overwhelming victory over the weekend. >> 20 delegates, all delegates that were in the contest are ours. >> reporter: holding on to more delegates than all his rivals combined. romney is stepping up calls for hopefuls to step aside. his chief challenger, rick santorum vows he will fight to the end. >> the convention will nominate a conservative, not the mad rat candidate from massachusetts. >> reporter: san tom claims romney is outspending him 10- 1 ahead of the primary in illinois. >> mitt romney is systematically run a negative campaign, no positive vision for this country, and spends billionaire dollars to tear down every opponent in his path. >> reporter: the battle shaped up as a
isunderway in the polls, mitt romney is hoping to win although a mistake could cost santorum votes. >> reporter: the polls are open, the voters are picking the one they want to challenge the president. it is a show down between mit roll knee mitt romney and rick santorum. >> i don't care what the unemployment rate will be. >> at a rally romney pounced on his rival's mistake. >> one of the people said he doesn't care about the unemployment rate. that doesn't bother him. i do care about the unemployment rate. >> santorum later admitted unemployment is important, going on to say the nation's economic troubles are symptoms of the government's intrusion into the lives of voters. occasionally you say some things you wish you had you know a do over. but you know what? i think it is important that you try to get a sense of how real the candidate is. you know mistakes and all. >> santorum hopes his method of restoring freedom will drive conservative voters in southern illinois to the polls today, delivering him a surprise win, romney is counting on republicans in chicago suburbs to help h
mitt romney is in maryland. fresh off a victory in yesterday's illinois primary and looking to solidify his place at the front of the pack. here is monique griego with more on the 2012 report. >> reporter: good afternoon, everyone, mitt romney will host a town hall meeting later today at the american legion, looking to build on momentum he won last night in illinois. >> thank you guys. >> reporter: mitt romney scores another victory with a convincing win in illinois. >> what a night. thank you illinois. what a night. wow. >> reporter: now romney will look to build on that momentum when he makes a campaign stop at the american legion there. he saturated the air waves there and a superpack has spent half a million dollars on airtime. >> we know our times are brighter and still believe in america and we deserve a president who believes in us and i believe in the american people. >> he has collected more delegates than his rivals combined but rick santorum insists the race is not over. >> we are heading to louisiana then we will be back here in pence vein and pick up a whole boat load of de
bigad shaban has the latest. >> reporter: mitt romney is celebrating his birthday on the campaign trail. >> thanks. >> reporter: one of two southern states holding republican primaries tomorrow. >> i think it is time to send a president to washington who can fix things in this country. >> reporter: rick santorum is spending time in mississippi. the other state where they will head to the polls. a new pole shows he leads the poll with 34% supporting him. romney trails just behind with 30%. santorum's lead is within the pole's margin of error. newt gingrich and ron paul are still far behind. but the poll also shows most republican voters, 73%, expect romney will win the nomination. >> this primary is very very important. >> tomorrow's primaries are critical for gingrich, who is resisting calls to drop out of the race. >> at some point it becomes irrelevant whether he is in the race, i think this race is going to become a two person race. >> gingrich maintains he will pull out wins in the south. >> i represent the regan tradition of large ideas, he represents being a team player on a washi
romney is not the right choice for the party. >> frankly, i do not believe that a massachusetts moderate who created romney care as the forerunner of obama care is going to be in a position to win any debates this fall. >> but there is growing pressure on gingrich to call it quits. he campaigned hard in alabama and mississippi. at 1 point predicting he would win both states now he admits he will have to rework his strategy. mitt romney picked up wins in hawaii and america samoa tuesday. now he is fighting to knack down santorum's momentum. >> i am the one guy in this race who can beat barack obama. >> romney leads in the delegate race, he is counting on that to help him lock in his party's nomination this summer. at the white house, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> the campaign now moves to the west and puerto rico, voters on missouri head on their caucuses on saturday, illinois holds a primary news tuesday. >> a local pulitzer prize winning writer has died, alice steinbalk was the first woman from the baltimore story to receive that award on a story about a blind 10-year-old
nomination isn't over. and that romney and rick santorum celebrates super tuesday victories today, but neither have managed to sell it -- to settle the fierce race for the white house. randall pinkston reports from washington. >> reporter: mitt romney managed to pull off six wins on super tuesday, storing up his front-runner status. >> i am going to get this nomination. >> the former massachusetts governor barely one swing state of ohio despite outspending his chief rival rick santorum. santorum one senate seat, oklahoma, and north dakota. >> as it looks right now, we will get at least a couple gold medals and a whole bunch of silver medals. >> but more republicans are getting behind romney as the only candidate with the money and the organization to take on president obama in the general election. >> in her cancer doesn't think the other candidates have what it takes. >> they have not demonstrated the ability to do what needs to be done. >> new gingrich only one georgia, a state he represented in congress, but he's staying in the race. >> i just take one step at a time. >> ron pa
, and romney. the former governor is hoping even one victory in the south will help him luck in the nomination. >> voters have been slow to embrace ronnie. he tried to turn that around to listing the help of jeff foxworthy and hammering away at president obama's policies. >> i think it's time to send the president to washington who can fix things in this country. >> a new cbs poll shows 73% of primary voters expect romney will end up as the republican nominee. perhaps they will have made up their mind. daniel nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> in addition to alabama and mississippi, hawaii voters weigh in today. they hold their caucuses tonight. >> to sports now. two local universities go head-to-head in the first round of the ncaa tournament. fans watched the turks as they learned their title goes to the navy. they are transient in the second national title in the last seven years. and we want to invite you to try your hand at ease bracket challenges. you can challenged us plus radio personalities from one of 5.7. final link under quick links at >> i have studied the brackets. i ha
santorum about calling fellow candidate mitt romney the worse republican in the nation. santorum initially called the reporter a liar but it turns out the quote was lifted from a speech santorum gave just minutes before. >> pick any other republican in the country. he is the worst republican in the country to put up against barack obama. >> he clearly new the cameras were rolling here. the pressure is on him here and he is trying to point people toward healthcare and if he wants to use the media as a foil in this way that is absolutely up to him. >> santorum later clarified his comments, saying he was criticizing romney's ability to attack the president on healthcare and santorum said he felt the reporter was trying to turn that comment into a much broader attack. >> shifting to weather it is about to be turning again. many people are reaching for their sunglasses again but soon you may be reaching for that heavier jacket. marty is in the first warning weather center. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. hello everybody, here is the bottom line we will be 25 degrees chillier tomorrow at day
on super tuesday, more than $400 gift at stake. ohio polls show that romney as rick santorum in a virtual dead heat. both candidates began their day addressing aipac, the pro- israel lobby group about iran's usher versatile nuclear program. >> if they do not tear down those facilities, we will tear down them ourselves. >> mitt romney spoke via satellite to the conference in washington. >> it's not only a problem for israel. it's a problem for america and the problem for the world. >> later today run a cast his vote in belmont, massachusetts, the state where he used to be governor. >> only ron paul and from these names are on today's ballots. santorum and newt gingrich failed to gather the necessary signatures before the state's deadline. >> they have the right to legally challenge that. >> gingrich has been focusing on the south. he's likely to win georgia where he served in congress and hoping for a strong showing in tennessee. paul has yet to win any contest, but that could change tonight. he has his sights set on keeping on delegates to keep his campaign alive. wjz eyewitness news. >>
before voters head to the polls. more than 400 delegates are up for grabs. mitt romney and rick santorum are focusing on ohio. a mass protest is planned today in russia after putin wins a third term of 63% of the vote. his win returns him after serving for prime minister for 4 years. independent observers are already alleging widespread voter fraud. >>> a high school -- the city rafb aged by a be devastating city last year. including 7 students were killed and one staff member at the high school. commencement is scheduled for 21st. >>> rush limbaugh loses another sponsor. he made the comment after sandra testified before congress about the birth control policy. pro flowers is now the 7th sponsor to pull ads. he did apologize for comments. >>> bloomberg is out with first daily ranking for the world's wealthiest people. tracks the wealth of top 20 billionaires. >>> carlos slim, he is worth $68.5 billion even though he lost $478 million when the markets dipped on friday. bill gates is second with more than $62 million. and warren buffett is third. >>> still ahead on wjz, a chill in the air
annapolis next week. mitt romney was briefly on wednesday before his town hall meeting in arbutus. maryland's primary is tuesday april 3rd. early voting starts tomorrow. >>> crews uncovered more damage at the basilica of the assumption downtown. it's going to take significant repairs to fix it. damages to the dome were discovered after last august's earthquake. the building will be closed during the week starting june but open for masses on sundays. the 8-month long repair could cost $5 million. >>> ocean city officials are sweetening up summer deals. ocean city is offering free events for the public every night of the week. fireworks shows will light up the sky tuesday and free beach concerts throughout the weekending with a laser light show on friday. this sumter due tore returns to town in july. >>> reports say ravens resigned a member of special teams. line backer brandon has signed a 3-year deal to return to the ravens he is a three time pro bowler and key back up as line backer. ravens lost johnson to free agency already and have yet tro sign free agent mcclain. >>> still to come on w
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11